OT Association of Hawaii

April is Occupational Therapy Month! Let’s Celebrate!

1. Register today for AOTA INSPIRE!


2. Let unite!

We want to get to know you! Email us your photos at otassociationofhawaii@gmail.com to be featured on our page! Tell us anything about you such as your interests, where you work, why you love OT, a favorite OT story, or how you became an OT! If you are not an OT but love OT, share a story about why you love OT!!!

3. Promote OT to the community!

Read the top 10 ways to promote OT:



Upcoming graduating students?

In the middle of April, there will be a whole week on careers, career fairs, and ways to promote yourself and your skills. There’s also an NBCOT exam prep at no additional cost!

AOTA Virtual Career Fair!
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm ET Wednesday & Thursday April 14-15
As an All-Access Pass registrant of AOTA INSPIRE, you have access to AOTA’s Virtual Career Fairs held during Career Week. Consider this a replica of an in-person career fair: text chat (or video) directly with employers looking for both new and seasoned practitioners.

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