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AOTA Call to Action!

We Need Your Help to Challenge 8% Cut to Reimbursement

As a subscriber to the AOTA Legislative Action Center, we need your help.

In November 2019, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published a proposal to reduce reimbursement for Medicare Part B occupational therapy services by up to 8%, beginning in 2021. These cuts are part of larger changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. However, CMS has provided no explanation or rationale for how it arrived at these numbers, nor have they indicated that they have considered the effect of these cuts on beneficiary access to therapy services. While CMS noted these proposed cuts are not final and are for discussion, it remains unclear how CMS will further analyze the issue.

AOTA is working with a coalition of stakeholders to stop these cuts before they happen. Our current effort is a letter from Members of Congress to CMS asking for more information about the process CMS has used and urging them to consider beneficiary access. We need your help getting as many Representatives to sign onto this letter as possible.

Take Action Today. Through the Legislative Action Center (www.cqrcengage.com/aota/app/take-action?engagementId=505827) write to your Member of Congress urging them to sign the letter to CMS.  Share this link with other practitioners you know and take action today!


Heather Parsons

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